Spotlight on Barbara Saint John

by Carolyne Ruck

Barbara Saint John

Barbara Saint John is a nationally acclaimed lecturer, author, therapist, behavior modification specialist, certified grief recovery specialist, certified hypnotist, weight management and relationship consultant. She is a Scottsdale businesswoman with extensive experience. She has  presented programs and seminars in the fields of communication, management, relationship issues, domestic abuse and self-protection, Energetic Weight Release Program, and Grief Recovery.

She has worked as a behavior modification specialist for over 35 years. Barbara Saint John’s background and knowledge is the result of her varied studies in human behavior, biofeedback, grief recovery, hypnotherapy, visualization, meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Color Code Personality Testing and EFT and the Dasein Method, which she developed over 20 years ago.

Barbara has appeared on a variety of major TV shows on ABC, NBC and CBS as well as many radio stations across the United States. Her career has also included success in communication skills and personal life training. She is well known for her outstanding speaking and communication skills. Barbara is a most informative and inspirational speaker, and she has a most unique way of presenting her material in a humorous and entertaining manner.

For many years, Barbara Saint John has been “therapist to the stars” with offices based in Beverly Hills, CA and Scottsdale, AZ. She has worked with famous actors and actresses, daytime soap stars, and TV and film writers, and producers and directors. She has been invaluable to numerous actors, producers and directors on and off the set with her techniques in stress management.

Throughout her career, Barbara has had the privilege of working with a number of medical and alternative physicians, helping them to support their cancer and terminally ill patients with pain management and as well as assist family members with their stress and grief.  She has studied with and admires the work of Dr. Burton Goldberg, author and producer of numerous CD’s and DVD’s on the subject of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Barbara Saint John has also worked and traveled extensively with Dr. Robert Anthony, an author of 19 books which have been published in 22 countries.

Barbara has studied in the United States and Germany.  While studying in Germany, she developed the Dasein Method  to assist veterans with the traumas of post-war stresses, grief recovery and loss. Also as a past private investigator, security consultant and trained interrogator, Barbara developed the Impact Self Defense Training and Recovery Programs for Women.  She has also worked in partnership with Bob Author, retired Police Chief and CEO of Global Investigation, and Kirk Fowler, Chief Instructor Ki Aikido, and developed Pro-tek-tion Seminars.  Pro-tek-tion involves programs that teach self-defense and protection for businesses, corporations, men, women, and children.

And if all of this isn’t enough, Barbara has produced and recorded educational and motivational CD’s and programs such as: Stress & Anxiety Management, Relaxation, Communica-tion, Stop Smoking, Zero Resistance Weight Release Program, Harmonic Journey, Harmonic Mind and Body, and many, many more.  Barbara developed and is the voice on her Personal and Professional Development Training Programs, Success Masters and Success Dynamics, which provides her very own techniques for coping with life’s ups and downs.

Barbara has built a successful practice  helping individuals, couples, families and businesses deal with the stresses, anxieties and losses that they  encounter in life with all of her effective tools and techniques.  She is available for Personal, Private Sessions either in person or by phone.  Her Personal, Private Sessions or Couples Sessions may also include light and sound technology or a personalized CD’s to benefit them at home after their sessions.  Barbara is available for group seminars including Grief Recovery Outreach Programs, Moving On relationship seminars, and Energetic Weight Release Program.

You may be wondering how and why Barbara became so committed to helping others who are suffering with stress and grief. She was born in Queens, New York and began her early life in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her family moved to Scottsdale, where she finished high school. Because of her many experiences with loss of loved ones early in her life, she grew up wanting to find ways to help herself and others find the tools to cope and heal from the painful experiences in their lives. Standing firmly in her belief in GUS, (God, Universe, Spirit) she’s been helping others now for over 40 years.

On a personal note, Barbara has a passion for Golden retrievers, and is currently writing a book titled Relationship Stalemate-from Roommate to Soulmate with a Beverly Hills therapist Dr. Gary Stollman from the Dr. Phil TV Show.

Asked what she would order for her last meal, if she could have anything at all and there would be no negative consequences, Barbara smiles and says, “GOOD Italian food!”

Barbara Saint John is a gifted “Comprehensive Reiterater.” for she effectively uses and shares her deep awareness and her profound insights.  When you speak Barbara Saint John listens. She is able to understand why you may do, behave or think as you do and how to assist you to make your interactions and behaviors more successful and fulfilling in all aspects of your life.  She uses fast acting forms of healing which give you the opportunity to create the positive experiences you desire in your life in the shortest amount of time. Her goal is to assist you in creating harmony between your physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive quatrains.

Barbara Saint John
Business Phone – 602-570-5381